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You won’t want to miss this 2013 Hyundai accent now on sale MSRP $16,710 Sale Price $13,367 after $843 Withnell Discount and a $2500 Factory Rebate.

Hyundai Accent is an amazingly unique vehicle with the exceptional engine of 1.6L. This car is energy and fuel efficient as you get the chance to run this at almost 1/3 of the fuel cost of normal gas or diesel. This vehicle also comes with a manual transmission with a wonderful caricature and stylish bumper and grill design.

Here are some very good reasons why you only should buy Hyundai Accent car.

• Fuel Economy and Performance
• Excellent Car Safety Features
• Five year warranty

With Hyundai Accent one can buy the latest technological advancements right from the home of latest technology, Korea. With its matchless specifications you can have the similar experience like any European or American car at astonishingly affordable price tag. The curb weight of this might be just 2,467 lbs, but the engine and the body is quite strong and wonderful.

This car has excellent Fuel Economy and Performance . This is a  result of the 1.6 to1.8Ltrs, and four cylinder engine. The Hyundai line up comes with both front wheel and all wheel models. 


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