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Gary Basl

Gary Basl

Meet Gary Basl

Gary has been working in the auto industry for 40 years. He works at Withnell Body and Paint. When asked what he does he replied “Everything.”

Gary’s favorite part of the job is working with all the different shop technicians and delivering a quality job to the customer. One of Gary’s highlights working at Withnell Body and Paint was hearing the news that we were building a new Body Shop were he could grow in the industry and better serve our customers’ needs.

When asked how technology has changed in car since he started in the business Gary says “the basic electronics to the brain of the car has completely changed. There were not electronics and computers in cars when I started. All of the options and added safety features are so amazing today. From the frame to unibody construction cars today are simply amazing. You can see from the reduction in fatalities what a difference this technology makes in vehicle safety.”

Gary’s best vehicle advice is “if you wreck it, bring it to me at Withnell Body and Paint and we can fix it!”

Gary’s reasons for working at Withnell Motor Company are pretty simple. He was referred by a friend and he wanted to work for a respectable company where he could grow with technology and repair practices and that would support his efforts to be the best at his job that he could be. He was also glad to meet and see the people that he has worked with for many years, 30 years to be exact here at Withnell Body and Paint. Thank you, Gary for 30 years of service to our customers and the Withnell Family.

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