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Pat Ward

Pat Ward

Pat is one of our outstanding “parts guys”! He looks up and distributes parts to the service department, local garages and customers that come in needing parts for repairing their own vehicle. He has been in the auto industry for 45 years. His favorite part of the job is interacting with people. Pat always has a smile on his face and is eager to do whatever it takes to find the right part as quickly as possible. Pat loves to come to work and says that he has a good time each and every day that he comes to work.

Since Pat has been working in the auto industry for so many years he talks candidly about the changes in vehicles since he started working on them “just about any person with some mechanical ability could do regular maintenance. But now with everything being controlled by computers a person needs specialized training and several thousand dollars of test equipment, hence the need for repair facilities and dealerships.”
Pat’s best piece of vehicle advice “has your vehicle serviced at the recommended time or mileage by a professionally trained technician.”

Pat’s reason for working at Withnell Motor Company “you spend more time at work than at home with your family and Withnell Dodge is the closest thing to family than anywhere that I have worked.” We are glad to have you Pat! You can visit Pat and the rest of our Parts staff at Withnell Dodge at 2650 Commercial Street in Salem. You can also request parts and information on our website at

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