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Ram Truth #36 –  Ram 3500 (TCO) 2014 Ram 3500 Chassis Cab built with an optional Z3D or Z8D package extends Ram’s range to 10,000-lb GVWR.

This configuration literally opens our customer’s business to more roads, with fewer restrictions, and ultimately rewards them with additional time and money.

Customers cross shopping Ram with GM one ton chassis cabs simply do not have this choice, and may be subject to: increased insurance premiums, annual vehicle inspections, complete maintenance records reviews, and mandatory driver qualifications.

Truth #1. Chassis Cabs under 10,000-lb GVWR reduce customer’s TCO by eliminating administrative burdens. #2 GM’s Chassis Cab lineup does not include a 10,000-lb GVWR option. #3. Drivers of Ram Chassis Cabs (with Z3D or ZD8) may have more “on road” flexibility with fewer hassles in some states.


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