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I brought my 2013 Dodge Durango in today for an oil change. I have been taking my car to Withnell for service since I bought it in 2013. I have always had regular oil changes/maintenance checkups. Today I find out that my car was never given a 30,000, 40,000, 50,000 or 60,000 maintenance check. I am leaving for long trip down to Southern California this Saturday 5/26th and the customer service rep (Ty) is suggesting I best get this additional service done before I leave. I asked him why I was never told about any of this service being needed before now and he said the customer service reps before him were fired and did not have experience to do the job. Is that my fault that Withnell Dodge did not hire qualified people? I am a single Mom who thought I was just getting an oil change now has to come up with $738 to get my car maintenance done today so I can leave on my road trip on Saturday. I was a loyal Withnell Dodge Customer. I am so upset and this additional expense has put a major burden on me. One that could have been prevented if the Dodge Service Reps had done their job.

Mary, I am sorry to hear about your experience. I will be talking with the service director about your concerns. If you have any questions please give me a call at 503-364-0184./
Melissa Dutoit
Customer Relationship Manager

I'm soo glad I got a car that i love thanks to Freddie he help us out alot we told him what we were looking for and right away he showed us few cars and I found the one! Im glad he helped us out i defiently recommend people to go with him. And few days with my car he text me if i had any questions about my car who does that?? Thank u Freddie for all ur help 😁

Amazing service!

My husband and I would like to thank Brent Baker for the patience he took while my husband found his perfect truck! Not only, did he provide patience but made the time comfortable and fun! "No pressure. My husband loves his new truck! We will always send people to brent and to withnell!

Ioniq Not a Prius killer for sure

I bought a new Ioniq SEL from Chris and that part of the process was good. The Ioniq is the troublesome part Hyundai claims that the Ioniq has a 54mpg rating and that is way off. I have a Prius and I drive all of my cars like there was an egg between my foot and the gas pedal. The mileage on the Ioniq on average is (around town about 48 mpg and on the highway about 51 mpg) which is about the same as my Prius. I did expect better. I do like the way that the Ioniq handles on the road over the Prius though the shocks are terrible as it is a very rough ride. This is the good part of the review, now comes the bad! The Ioniq is the noisiest car I have ever driven. I seriously think that there was no soundproofing put into the rear panels of the car at all. The first time I take it to the dealer I want them to check to see if they left something out in the manufacturing process. I advise anyone who wants to purchase the Ioniq to take it on the freeway and I hope for your sake it is just something left out of my Ioniq. I can actually hear the road noise over the radio. So basically a very rough ride and huge road noise! Other than that it is a pretty good car but definitely not a Prius killer.

Best car wash in Salem

Best car wash in Salem. Quick. Easy to use. Reasonable price. Great results. And the Withnell punch card makes every 5th wash on Withnell.Thanks for the good will and good service. --Steve Kenney, Salem

Thank you Steve for taking the time to let us know about your experience with the car wash. We appreciate your business.

Service Department

Our 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 is free wheeling in all gears on down grades. After several attempts to contact service technicians on whether they had any experience with this issue or clues on where to start, the responses we got were from one was "I have never worked on anything that old" and from the other was "why aren't you using your brakes". Wow! Guess Dodge is not interested in supporting cliental. Think twice before buying used or new if you plan on keeping the vehicle longer than warranty or payments.

Jeanne, I am so sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with our service department. We always want to make our customers happy. I will be having the service manager contact you to discuss more.

Hi Jeanne, I am sorry but we have been unable to locate you in the system for phone number. If you would like to discuss can I ask you to give Mark the Service Director a call at 503-364-0184. Thank you

Willie Washington was our sales person. He was amazing. He helped us find the right car for me and my kids. I’m so happy with my choice. Thanks Willie, and Withnell Dodge!

Freddy Cruz is amazing!

Freddy Cruz has helped us purchase two vehicles without any issues. He is very considerate about our personal preferences and concerns. We’ve gone to other delarships and have talked to other sales representatives, but no one can compare to Whitnell Dodge and our favorite sales person Freddy Cruz!Thank you!

Bad ass

Best service we could have asked for. Lucas and Kenzi had excellent customer service. Recommended. Great vehicles.

Promises Kept

I would like to update this review. After working with the dealership we were able to get what we wanted. Brent Baker our sales associate work his butt off to get something that both sides were happy with. He was very professional the whole time. Now I am as happy as I can be. I am driving a very beautiful car thanks to Withnell Motor Company. I would like to tell every one if you are getting a new or trading in, that they need to go there to make the deals. Ask for Brent. You will leave very happy.

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